Why Sell?

It's the safest, easiest and fastest way to turn your outgrown children's items into cash.

  • High Profits: Consignors (sellers) earn up to 70% of every item sold. Plus, YOU set your prices

  • Quick Turn-around: Clean out and earn cash in a week! Your earnings check is often ready at item pick up and/or is mailed to you within 10 business days of the close of the sale.

  • Best Way to Sell: There’s no garage sale hassle, emails back and forth, pictures to take or shipping to deal with. We also market the heck out of our sales to ensure shoppers are aplenty and your items sell.

  • Options for your unsold items – If you have any unsold items at the end of the sale, you have the option to pick them up or have us donate them to a local charity for you.

  • Easy Tagging & Tracking: You will register and create price tags for your items online. You’ll also be able to track your items online during the sale to see what has sold.

  • Shop Early: Consignors get to shop early, before the public. Consignors must be consigning a minimum 25 items or $100 sales value in order to receive a pass to shop the consignor presale.


what to sell

Items accepted:

  • Anything for newborn to pre-teen in excellent condition.

  • Clothing (seasonally appropriate) size newborn to youth 14 and shoes up to youth size 5.

  • Baby Gear: furniture, equipment, jumpers, high chairs, bedding (no bumpers), strollers, pack-n-plays, etc.

  • Sports equipment (skis, bikes, sleds, swings, roller blades, cleats up to youth 5, etc.)

  • Big items: Power wheels, riding toys, play houses, kitchens, train tables, climbers

  • Toys of all sorts for infants and toddlers through pre-teens

  • Puzzles, books, games, video games, DVDs, gaming systems

  • Children's furniture

  • Accessories

  • Costumes

There is no limit to the number of overall items one can consign, however we do limit clothing to a maximum of 150 hangers per consignor at the March and August events. Clothing at the November Holiday sale is limited to holiday clothes/pajamas and winter outerwear - max. 35 hangers. 

Items we will NOT accept:

  • Clothing with stains, holes, missing buttons, broken zippers, etc.

  • Out of date clothing will not be accepted.

  • Toys, equipment or furniture with missing/non-functioning parts or that are dirty.

  • Toys or other items not packaged in clear bags (unless in original packaging) or if a puzzle, game, etc. .

  • Items missing batteries, that require them to fully function (Batteries must be included).

  • Stuffed Animals- unless they are licensed characters (Disney, Sesame Street)

  • Cribs manufactured before June 2011 cannot be sold.

  • Car seats/car seat bases of any kind.

  • ANY item that has been recalled without the manufacturer fix if there is one.


Pricing and Prepping

You are welcome to price your items as you see fit, however at consignment sales items typically sell for 25-30% of retail cost.

On Sunday we offer a half-price sale day
You can choose whether or not to discount your items when you create your tags. We recommend discounting your items because we have lots of shoppers who come back on Sunday for great deals and getting some money for your items is better than getting none, right? If you choose not to discount, your items will still be available for sale on Sunday at full price. Discounted items will also be made available at discount prices for a special presale for consignor-volunteers Saturday evening (after having the opportunity to sell at full price Thursday, Friday and Saturday.


  • All items must be clean and in great working condition.

  • Clothing must be hung on hangers. Outfits or clothing items being sold together should be pinned together on the same hanger. Clothing should be hung so the hanger forms a 2 shape. Wrinkled clothing does not sell as well as ironed clothing. Clothing is limited to a maximum of 150 hangers per consignor, per sale March & August and 35 hangers at the Nov. Holiday Sale — see specific restrictions in consignor agreement. . Please organize hangers by gender and size prior to drop off.

  • Price tags must be printed from our registration site. They must print clearly with the barcode clearly visible (that’s how you’ll get paid). Safety pin price tags to clothing and other soft items and tape tags securely to other items.

  • Make sure all pieces and parts are secured together to your items. Ziploc bags work well for multiple piece items and shoes. Plastic wrap works well to secure puzzle pieces to boards.

  • All items, parts, pieces must be clearly visible to shoppers. Package large sets (Legos, etc) in extra large ziplocks or clear garbage bags. Boxes will not be accepted unless they are the original packaging or for a game, puzzle, etc. .

    Email us at manager@polkatotsale.com if you have any questions.

    Polka Tot Children’s Consignment Sale, its staff and team members are not responsible for any items damaged or lost during the sale.


drop off and pick up

  • Once registered you will schedule a drop-off appointment. Plan on approximately 30 minutes for drop off.

  • We will inspect all items at drop off and ask that you help put accepted items out on the sales floor.

  • Any items that do not fit our requirements will be rejected.

  • Organize your clothing by gender and size before drop off.

We attempt to make drop off as easy and fast as possible and we appreciate your cooperation!

Pick Up

  • Check the sales schedule page for pick up times.

  • All items not picked up during this time become property of Polka Tot and will be donated to the charity of our choice.

  • Checks are usually available for pick up at this time. Checks not picked up are mailed within 10 business days of the close of the event.

  • Polka Tot Children’s Consignment Sale, its staff and volunteers are not responsible for any items damaged or lost during the sale

Join the team, EARN up to 70%

Earn top dollar for your gently used children's items. Polka Tot consignors earn up to 70% of their sales.

Consignors who help for two or more shifts at an event earn 70% of their sales.

Consignors who help for one shift earn 65% of their sales.

All other consignors earn 60% of their sales.

There are a multitude of shifts offered at each event. Register early for best selection.